Online Booking Tool Support

Help with making your business travel arrangements online

Your company has deployed an Online Booking Tool (OBT) that you can use to make your business travel arrangements from the convenience of your computer.

OBTs for business travel were designed to display all available travel optionsthat meet your travel search criteria. Additionally, they are configured specifically to reflect your company's travel policy and preferred travel vendors. As a result of these customized configurations, some options may appear as "out of policy," and some "out of policy" options may not appear at all. This helps your organization manage travel within the parameters of your specific travel policies.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions that might help you as you navigate through the process of booking travel through your OBT. Please note that these questions are generic to all OBTs supported by CWT. If you have questions or need support materials for your company's specific OBT, please use the dropdownlist and select your OBT:


Traveler preferences and essential traveler data can be maintained throughCWT Portrait. Information for how to maintain information via CWT Portrait can be found by clicking the "Help" link within CWT Portrait, or by viewing the online tutorial.

CWT Portrait transfers any information entered into the profile to both the Online Booking Tool (OBT) and the GDS (the reservation system CWT uses to arrange bookings). After making changes to your CWT Portrait profile, remember to click on "Submit Changes" to ensure the data you entered is saved to the CWT Portrait database.

In some cases, traveler data is maintained elsewhere. Please contact your CWT Technical Service Center for further assistance. 

First, we recommend verifying that the name in your profile (or the profile of the traveler for whom you are booking) matches your passport details, and that all information is up to date.

To update your name, first you'll need to identify the profile system in which your name is maintained. This could be either through CWT Portrait or directly through your OBT. However, if your company uses an HR datafeed to provide your traveler name, you will need to contact your travel manager for further instructions. 

Yes. You can manage your Arrangers in the "Communication" section of yourCWT Portrait profile.

In some cases, traveler arrangers are managed elsewhere. Please contact your CWT Technical Service Center for further assistance. 

Online booking tools are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For simple trips, booking through your OBT is easy. Moreover, online transactions have a lower transaction fee than offline transactions, so your company could save money in the process. Please refer to your company's travel manager for additional information. 

When a user needs to book an international or multi-destination trip, we recommend contacting CWT Travel Counselor. CWT travel counselors have access to additional options to calculate the best available price for complex trips. 

Consumer online booking websites, like Expedia, Travelocity, or Airline Websites, are designed to display all available options according to your search criteria. Your corporate OBT is configured to display additional information related to your company's travel policy. For example, the OBT may display a warning if you book a trip that is out of policy. Other websites do not have this capability, and using these other sites brings the risk that you may book a trip that is out of your company's policy.

Additionally, travel bookings made within the OBT are automatically registered in CWT's security tracking systems. This allows CWT to find and assist you in the event of an emergency situation in your travel destination. If you book your trip outside of CWT, then CWT will not have access to the necessary information to locate and assist you in these situations.

Finally, if you need assistance during your trip, and your trip was booked through the OBT (or offline through a CWT Travel Counselor), then CWT's 24 hour service team will be able to retrieve your booking to assist you. Trips booked outside of CWT are not accessible by this 24 hour service team. 

Because online booking tools apply your company's policy to every travel search, it may take longer than some consumer sites (like Expedia, Travelocity, or airline websites). This ensures that each travel request has been bumped up against your company's rules, recommendations, and negotiated fares/rates.

Additionally, in conducting these searches, OBTs reach out to multiple data sources to ensure that all of the data that is requested is included in the results that are displayed.

And finally, OBT responsiveness may be dependent on your internet connection bandwidth especially during peak usage times. You may want to check with your IT department to identify if the network is receiving higher than usual traffic, which can result in delays. 

This depends on the way your company's OBT has been configured. Typically, users access the OBT via the travel page on their company's intranet, or viaCWT Portal. From there, users have single sign on to the OBT (no username and password required). In those instances, saving the link as a favorite will not work. Users can, however, save the link to CWT Portal or the company's intranet site to their favorites.

If a company has configured the OBT for direct access (without single sign on, using a username and password) then saving the link as a favorite is supported.

Typically, companies require access to the OBT through a company intranet site or CWT Portal for security purposes. 

Please contact your CWT Technical Service Center for help. Contact information is available in the OBT. We recommend taking a screen shot when the issue occurs in order for our technical support analyst to best understand the issue.

All OBTs either provide a way to save a trip in a template or to use a previously booked trip as a template. When making travel reservations to a frequently visited destination, using a template saved from a previously booked trip is the most efficient method. Templates may include flights, hotel, and car. Typically, you only need to change the departure and return date. Please note: all elements of a trip will be re-priced according to the dates you entered. Airfares and other rates may be different compared to the previous trip. 

If your company configuration gives you the choice to search by fare/price or schedule, the best method of searching for flight results can vary depending on your needs for the trip.

If your travel is driven by cost, your schedule is flexible, or you would like to see a display of multiple itinerary options with the price included up front, then searching by fare/price is the recommended option. A fare/price search will present trip options with prices up front and policy indicators allowing users to make side by side comparisons. If your travel requires you to be on a specific flight, or arrival/departure times are of primary importance, then searching by schedule is the recommended option. A schedule search will allow a user to select their desired flights, present the user with the cost of that selection, and then display alternative options that may be less expensive and/or more in line with company policy. 

If the option is available, be sure to choose "search by schedule" instead of "search by price" to narrow search results. When entering your initial search criteria, be sure to specifically identify your preferred departure and arrival time. In search results, you can narrow results through the use of filters. 

The options the OBT returns can vary based on the search criteria you enter, and whether those options comply with your company's travel policy. Additionally, results must fall within the designated time window. If you would like to see more results, choose "Any Time" in your flight search criteria (if available). If you would like to see fewer results, choose more specific departure times. 

Yes, booking car and/or hotel at the same time as you make a flight reservation is generally recommended. However, you can usually add a hotel or car to a reservation at a later stage. 

Important Note: This document contains suggested answers to commonly asked questions. If these answers do not apply to your situation, or if you need further assistance, please contact your CWT Technical Service Center or your travel team.

Last updated: September 2013