More care. Less risk. One solution.

Raise the bar on traveler care

Help your travelers avoid everyday travel disruptions and known incidents, while mitigating risk to your organization. Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) fuses technology and customer service to help our clients. 



CWT Safety & Security is:



Manage everyday travel disruptions, not just crises.




Get the facts with clear-cut information and analysis. 




Care for travelers worldwide.



Help protect travelers and your business.


Receive and implement pertinent information.


Get security advice and evacuation and repatriation services when you need them from industry specialists. 


Stay informed, identify threats and locate travelers in a crisis 


Timely, accurate and regularly updated information is crucial for making important decisions. 


  More Care

When an incident that affects or may affect travel occurs, you’ll know about it. CWT Safety & Security helps you:

  • Stay informed about travel and health risks.
  • Monitor and identify global threat areas.
  • Quickly locate travelers worldwide in an emergency. 


 Less Risk

Get the information, destination intelligence and traveler location reports that your company needs to help limit its exposure to risk.



Help avoid unnecessary risk and lost productivity

Proactively manage everyday travel disruptions

Travel disruptions can start anywhere and at any time, ranging from minor inconveniences to major incidents. This is Jennifer’s story.


  More Care

Jennifer, a traveler preparing to go on a business trip, receives a warning about a severe storm and potential flooding that is likely to affect her travel destination. She reschedules her trip, experiences less stress and stays productive.



 Less Risk

CWT Safety & Security informs Jennifer’s travel manager of developing situations so he can help travelers minimize the impact of disruptions—or circumvent them completely. By taking proactive measures, he also helps his company avoid unnecessary risk and added costs. 






One solution. CWT Safety & Security.