CWT 3.0

Our strategy for continued success

Through the perfect blend of people and technology, we deliver the most seamless, personalized and integrated experiences.


Our customers’ expectations and needs have evolved, so we are adapting our business to these new dynamics.


Our CWT 3.0 strategy is about creating an unbeatable customer experience and offering increasing value to our clients and partners. This means delivering a consumer-grade, omni-channel experience to the traveler, easy-to-use solutions for our customers, and providing best-in-market hotel and data offerings. 


To do this, we are materially increasing our investments in technology and people in areas such as our digital platform, hotels, and data.  

Further, we are making changes to our service delivery model to best meet the needs of our customers, suppliers, and partners and given that more transactions migrate from offline to online each year. 


The net impact of these changes is that we expect to end up with about 0.5 percent fewer people in our total global employee population by the end of 2017, with expected reductions in Traveler Services largely due to channel shift. This is relatively consistent with the changes we have made in prior years.


CWT 3.0 is an investment strategy, and we will be investing far more in products and in hiring new people in key investment areas this year (and in future years) than any savings to be realized from headcount reductions. 


We have committed ownership and strong support from Carlson for our growth plans, investment strategy and business direction.


As we move forward with our CWT 3.0 strategy, our focus will remain the same—be the very best at what we do.

What will CWT 3.0 do for you?
1. Deliver consumer-grade
traveler experiences.
2. Optimize your travel program.
3. Bring you smart innovations.