Travel Risk Management

Manage the safety of your business travelers with our 24/7 medical and security assistance.


Managing traveler risks with CWT

Your business travelers’ safety and security needs to be at the heart of your corporate travel policy. From severe weather to political unrest, they could face a number of risks when they’re traveling.

Your employees are your responsibility, so it’s important you have robust safety procedures in place to protect them. Working with International SOS, the world’s largest medical and travel security services firm, we’ll help you keep your travelers safe on the road at all times.




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What is Travel Risk Management (TRM)?

Travel risk management refers to the procedures a company has in place to respond quickly to risks faced by its employees during business trips. These risks include severe weather, political unrest, lost passports, and anything else that may cause disruption to traveling employees.


Common traveler risks

If your employees are regularly traveling to different destinations, chances are they will face disruption at some point. It’s important you know what to do when this happens, especially if their safety is at risk. Here are some of the scenarios we can prepare you for:

  • Natural disasters – events such as floods, earthquakes and hurricanes.
  • Civil unrest – political instability that affects travel plans or places travelers in jeopardy.
  • Terrorism – acts of terrorism leading to severe disruption and added risk.
  • Lost or stolen passport – which means you can’t travel internationally until it’s replaced.
  • Lost currency or credit cards – which means your traveler is unable to pay for essentials like food and accommodation.
  • Cancelled flights – flight delays or cancelations that affect your trip itinerary, including any hotels you’ve booked.
  • Booking complications – an unexpected issue that means you need to find alternative accommodation at short notice.


CWT safety and security services

As a responsible corporate travel provider, we take travel risk management seriously. We respond immediately to any travel issues your employees may encounter, ensuring their safety and protecting your company’s reputation.

We’re industry leaders in providing travel risk management because we’re:

  • Effective – we take care of everyday travel disruptions, not just major incidents.
  • Straightforward – we give you the facts, with clear information and analysis.
  • Accessible – we provide care for travelers wherever they are in the world.
  • Responsible – we do everything we can to protect travelers and your business.
  • Responsive – we offer immediate security advice, evacuation and repatriation services as soon as they’re needed.



Manage any travel risk with

Give yourself peace of mind with our free CWT To Go travel app, which allows your employees to make last-minute bookings and check schedules whenever they face travel risks.


Traveler hotline

Your travelers’ safety is our priority. We’re on hand 24/7 to react to any risks your employees face on their trip – and we’ll do everything we can to reschedule flights, rebook hotels and keep them safe and secure.

We have representatives in every region across the world who are on hand to help in an emergency situation.


Preparations for travel

While travel disruption can strike at any time, there’s a lot you can do to prepare your employees before they travel. These steps include:

  • Ensuring their travel visas are correct and valid.
  • Buying currency if there’s a chance cards won’t be accepted.
  • Pre-booking taxis from airport to hotel in unpredictable destinations.

Connect with us today to see how we can give you and your travelers complete peace of mind through our robust travel risk management program.

Feel free to download this “Top 10 Tips for safe travel” infographic and share with your employees