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Global Trend Average Ticket Price

Global Trend

Average ticket prices

We forecast average ticket prices globally to dip 1% in November and another 1% in December as volatile energy markets combine with traditionally slower holiday months for business travel. Among the regions, only Europe may buck the trend as suspense over Brexit may keep prices temporarily suspended.

Global Trend economy class usage

Global Trend

Economy Class Usage

Economy class usage will be fairly flat in the next two months. We forecast 91.8% of total tickets will be used in the economy cabin in December, a less than 1% change from both November and October. This is driven mostly by domestic and continental flights, which have not partaken in the rise of premium economy nor ventured into business class territory.

Global trend advanced booking usage

Global Trend

Advanced Booking Usage

Despite the push to avoid costly last-minute bookings, less than half of all bookings made are done at least 14 days before departure. We expect this to drop even more in December as the busy holiday season encroaches on travel planning, resulting in more late bookings. We project a 4.1% decrease in advanced bookings in December, totaling about 43.1% of all bookings made.

Global trend online booking usage

Global Trend

Online booking tools usage

Following a huge increase in online booking usage last year, we’ve seen it stabilize at around 48% in September and October. We do expect a slight 1% drop in November and December. North America continues to be the region with the highest OBT usage, with the US leading the charge. Majority of US bookings are now done online (60% as of October).

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