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Forecasting from January to February 2019
Released January 15, 2019

Global Trend Average Ticket Price

Global Trend

Average ticket price

We forecast average ticket price (ATP) globally to dip 1% in January, before rebounding and rising 2% in February, despite a global economy that is projected to soften in 2019. That’s because growth is still expected to be above potential, buoying prices. From an airline industry perspective, the expansion of branded/bundled fares and ancillary fees are also helping to keep prices up.

Global Trend economy class usage

Global Trend

Economy Class Usage

With no major travel policy change in the cabin rule expected, economy class usage will remain flat in the next two months, with small variations of <1% month to month. We forecast 92.4% and 92.6% of total tickets will be used in the economy class in January and February 2019.

Global trend advanced booking usage

Global Trend

Advance Booking Usage

Bookings done at least 14 days before departure are expected to average around 40% in the first two months of the year. Advance booking usage is predicted at 41% in January and 40% in February, up from 35.9% in December. With the hectic holiday season that resulted in higher percentage of late bookings behind us, expect compliance to the advance booking policy to make a comeback.

Global trend online booking usage

Global Trend

Online booking tools usage

Worldwide online booking tools (OBT) usage is expected to reach 50% of all tickets for the first time in 2019, rising from 47.5% in December to a projected 50.5% in February. This, as digitization efforts by the main OBT providers to improve user experience accelerate. Over the past year, OBT usage has spiked 18%. We expect this trend to continue into 2019.

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