Travel Expense Management

Make the most of your budget with effective business travel expense management.


Integrated expense management

Save yourself time, money and effort managing your corporate travel expenses by letting us take care of it for you – from making the first booking, to filing the last expenses claim.

Working with trusted third party providers, we’ll take care of your expenses management as part of our integrated business travel services, giving you a clear overview of all your costs and processes – and most importantly, insights into where efficiencies can be made.

Working together, we’ll take control of your corporate travel budget and build a program that’s truly fit for your business and employees.




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CWT AnalytIQs

Our flagship CWT AnalytIQs software is your comprehensive solution to expenses management. This innovative tool logs data from every type of expense claim – from the hotel dinner check to car rental at the airport – giving you complete insight into how much is being spent where and helping you make smarter budgeting decisions. CWT AnalytIQs can help you:


Report expenses efficiently

Save yourself the stress of managing all your expenses. We work with trusted partners to provide all the necessary documentation for every trip, letting you focus on the bottom line.


CWT AnalytIQs video


Make more effective travel budget decisions

Benefit from full visibility of real-time data that will help you identify cost savings, giving you the insight to deliver long-term efficiencies to your corporate travel process.


Carry out business travel spend reports

With all your data and insights in one place, it’ll be easier to highlight key areas of success and improvement – plus, you’ll be able to compare and benchmark performance against your peers.


What is expense management?

Expense management is the process of reimbursing employees for money they’ve spent from their own pocket while working. It’s usually on items such as food, accommodation and transport costs incurred on a business trip. Any company that wants to stay on top of its financial planning needs to keep a close eye on its expense expenditure.

Travel management and expenses

Working with us to manage your expenses will give you the data you need to make informed, budget-focused decisions. As a global leader in corporate travel management we have the insight, expertise and technology to provide an integrated solution for all of your business travel needs.

We’ll cover every stage in your corporate travel management process, starting by building you a customized corporate travel program that works for your business. We can also save you money on every booking with our preferential transport and accommodation rates. And with our technology and support, we have everything your employees need to stay connected and productive on the road. Read more about our corporate travel management services.

Breaking down travel expenses

Before you can begin to make efficiencies in your corporate travel spend, you’ll need to understand where your corporate travel budget is going. By breaking down the different types of expenditure and tracking how much is being spent on each, you’ll be able to make the best decisions for your business.

  • Trip spending airfares, hotel reservations and car rental will likely be your most significant areas of expenditure, so getting the best deals on these will make a huge difference to your overall spend.

  • Extras – these refer to any add-on costs related to air or rail travel, hotel accommodation or car rental.

  • Off-channel – these are air, hotel, car rental or train bookings that are not made through the travel management company.

  • Auxiliary expenses – these are the additional expenses incurred by a traveler during a trip, such as meals, parking and taxi fares.

  • Non-trip spending this refers to the additional cost of goods or services that are unrelated to travel, such as office supplies.

It’s important to keep a close eye on all these areas of spending to monitor how they impact your travel budget – as well as making sure any expenditure stays inside the guidelines set within your corporate travel policy.

For even more insights, download our travel expense report. Connect with us today to discover the difference we can make to your travel expense management – and how we can start saving you time, money and stress.