Our latest updates


We understand the business of business travel may seem complex and complicated at times, so we’re working to streamline the experience for you and your travelers.


We’re giving your travelers new ways and reasons to book with your preferred channels. Operational enhancements are improving the service your travelers receive. We’re also streamlining management of your travel program with more integration, payment options and new opportunities.


Keep reading for an update on our recent activities, and attend our webinar to learn about what’s happening in our digital world.


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Streamlining traveler experiences

We continue to make progress toward delivering a consumer-grade traveler experience. We’re bringing travelers more content and booking options and streamlining processes to improve the service they receive.


  • Travelers love booking hotels using myCWT, and it shows. In a few short weeks, they’ve made thousands of reservations through the site. Considering we just started upgrading travelers to myCWT, that’s fantastic news!

  • In addition to delivering a consistent experience across booking channels, myCWT saves travelers time, helps you improve policy compliance and offers competitive rates at more than 680,000 hotels worldwide. 

  • 84% of CWT clients have now upgraded from CWT Portal to myCWT, with 100% of upgrades scheduled by December 10, 2017.

  • Positive feedback from travelers includes:
    • "Site is user friendly, takes away any stress you might have with booking work trips."
    • "This site works amazingly great!! Job well done."

  • If your company is interested in the myCWT online experience for your travelers, and not already using our portal, please contact us.

  • With a robust hotel offering powered by RoomIt, CWT continues to give your travelers everything they need in one convenient place and every reason to book their hotel stays with us.

  • In the last few months, we’ve added more content to more places, secured new discounted rates and improved hotel booking experiences.


  • To enhance service and ensure your satisfaction, our Traveler Services teams continue to add expertise, increase automation and efficiencies, and test and implement new technologies.

  • Our new user experience team looks for ways to improve processes that will help our travel counselors enhance their effectiveness and deliver even more outstanding customer service.

  • We’re also testing new technology tools that could give travelers another way to communicate with us. For example, we’re successfully using messaging app WeChat to give travelers in China the service and information they need simply by asking their phones.




With a focus on your needs, we want to streamline the mechanics of managing travel so you can more easily deliver measurable results to your organization.



  • We built CWT AnalytIQs to be your travel management command center, and we’ve made huge strides integrating everything you need into this one powerful, streamlined tool.

  • With our most recent update, CWT AnalytIQs now offers all the features of CWT Program Management Center and much more.

  • New features include security by hierarchy, CWT Document Bank reporting, profile data integration, hotel attachment reporting, and new reports and widgets.

  • Many variables factor into the availability of our virtual payment offer. If it had a Facebook profile, you might think its relationship status is 'it’s complicated'. But with new markets and more options to meet your needs, it’s a great time to get “in a relationship” with virtual payment.

  • New markets: Czech Republic, India, Romania and Switzerland.

  • Existing markets with new options: Australia, Brazil, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Spain and the U.S.

  • CWT To Go integration: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S.


  • When flight delays, overbookings and cancellations happen, travelers may not realize they may be entitled to financial compensation.

  • CWT Solutions Group is teaming up with AirHelp to get airlines to show travelers the money! With this offer, you’ll say hello to a service that streamlines the claims process for your travelers, so they won’t need Jerry Maguire’s tenacity to pursue compensation.

  • AirHelp gives your travelers another reason to book through your company-preferred channels, and you get an easy, no cost way to make them happier.


CWT Meetings & Events is improving services worldwide with new consolidation, automation and tools.

  • A recently established global center of excellence for group travel ensures streamlined service through a central point of contact plus additional savings via local fares, corporate discounts and in-country ticketing.

  • Available in North America and rolling out in other markets by year-end, Manifest Manager provides more robust and consistent flight arrival and departure reporting specific to meetings and events.

  • With a phased rollout underway and continuing throughout 2018, meetingbox workflow management software helps the CWT Meeting & Events team enhance collaboration across the global M&E organization and provide clients with better consistency and project management.





There’s no slowing down in 2018

Here’s a look at some of the great stuff we’re planning in the coming months.
  • Mobile flight booking beta with 15 clients in ten countries and five languages. 

  • More integration in CWT AnalytIQs

    • CWT Program Messenger automated messaging 
    • The first “what If” scenarios to help identify new savings opportunities. 
    • Additional subscription-based services like CWT Meetings & Events and CWT Travel Consolidator

  • We’ll continue to add hotel content and value.

  • We’ll help your travelers stay informed with itinerary-based safety and security alerts on myCWT