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Data Protection and Privacy Measures at Carlson Wagonlit Travel - Last revised March 2015

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Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) is a travel management company, specializing in business travel management, which designs, implements and manages corporate travel management programs for its clients. CWT has been requested to provide business travel and travel related services to your organization of which you are an employee, contractor or a guest traveler. It is in this capacity CWT collects, processes and secures the personal data that you or your organization provide as well as other travel‐related data. This includes data used to make your reservations, issue travel documents, send invoices and produce reports.


Data Collected

Data includes your name, address, e‐mail, travel destinations, travel schedules and travel profile (including seating preferences, emergency contact details, nationality, date of birth, gender, employee identification numbers, credit card references, and passport and visa information). Travel data may also include ‘sensitive information’ that you may provide to CWT, such as your health information, meal preferences, etc. CWT processes your travel data as required depending on your travel destination.


Data Storage Processing and Access

You primarily provide your data to CWT by completing your travel profile in CWT Portrait, a CWT proprietary tool, or your organization provides the data to CWT through data feeds that may require additional information from you. CWT may also receive your profile data from the online booking tool provider, in which case CWT replicates your profile in CWT Portrait for you in order to provide requested travel services. If you provide ‘sensitive information’ your explicit consent may be required in order for CWT to process such data. If CWT needs to collect such consent it may ask you to log into CWT Portrait to provide the consent or provide it by other means.

You may decide to authorize another person to access your profile, in which case they would be able to access and edit your profile information, including sensitive information. Your data (including your meal preference and travel health requirements) is processed throughout the travel booking process and appears in various documents: a reservation record, known as a Passenger Name Record, or PNR, is created when a booking is made, an itinerary is issued, and other travel documents may be provided. CWT stores your data in CWT Portrait, in the PNR as well as in other CWT tools selected by your organization. In addition, the data is captured into back office accounting and reporting systems for reconciliation, reporting, and messaging.


Data Transfer

When CWT makes your travel reservations and/or provides travel‐related services to your organization, it may transfer data:

  • throughout CWT, its subsidiaries, joint ventures and international partners in or outside your country (including outside the EU) to support travel‐related services such as emergency online booking, airline ticket issuance and technical help desk requests, and for screening where required for compliance with the law;
  • to various travel suppliers including airlines, hotels, car rental companies, online booking tool companies and safety and security tracking providers, as well as computer reservation systems;
  • to governments and law enforcement agencies where required in relation to flight or other travel services;
  • to your organization upon request, as part of management information reports;
  • to third parties, in or outside your country (including outside the EU), to create and send travel itineraries through CWT or third party registration, to consolidate and reconcile the travel spend, collect payments, provide emergency services, and audit CWT’s services (upon request by your organization);
  • to and from CWT databases located in various countries, databases of third party service providers that provide services to CWT (such as administrative, information technology and technology platforms for CWT tools, telecommunications, payment services) in connection with the travel management services.


In order to travel your data will be provided to third party travel providers, for example hotels, airlines, and train operators. CWT will not be liable for any acts and practices of such third party travel provider to whom the data is disclosed for the purpose of them providing you with the travel services at your request. In certain circumstances you may not be able to seek redress under your local data privacy legislation if the travel provider resides outside your country.


CWT assumes that travelers and their organizations provide correct information and will update their travel profiles as necessary. You can view and update your own travel profile in CWT Portrait at any time. Please note that if you deny CWT the ability to store and process your data, CWT may not be able to provide travel services to you and your organization as your organization’s travel management provider. If you use CWT’s services to make a booking on behalf of a guest traveler e.g. spouse, CWT assumes that you have obtained consent from the guest traveler.


On a periodic basis, CWT may contact organizations and travelers directly via email to provide information that is either essential to deliver its services and/or give updates on different product offers. You will have the option to unsubscribe to promotional communications at any time (as set out in the promotional communication).


For further information regarding data privacy please refer to CWT’s Data Protection & Privacy Policy, which is available on the CWT web site:


Download as PDF


CWT Global B.V. is the entity in charge of data protection. Should you have any questions regarding the processing, storing, transferring or usage of your personal data or how to object to the processing of your personal data (including access, rectifying, erasing and opposing) you may contact CWT Global B.V. at CWT Global B.V. will consider and respond to any inquiry as promptly as possible.


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