The 5 Best Travel Management Apps for Business Travelers


There’s a lot to consider when travel planning, whether you’re in charge of making the arrangements or you’re traveling yourself. From finding the best airfares to having an organized itinerary, there can be a million and one things to consider on a corporate trip.


Apps for business travelers can help your trip run more smoothly. They give users ways to stay connected, productive and in control while they’re away. It’s one of the reasons why 85% of US travelers use mobile devices to book travel activities, and why travel apps are the fastest-growing app category, with 137 million people using them every month.


Check out this list of apps that can help make your corporate travel that bit easier.



Even a business traveler with the most organized itinerary will likely spend lots of time in unfamiliar airports. For these travelers, one of the best business travel apps is GateGuru – the equivalent of TripAdvisor for things to do en route to the departure lounge. Business travelers just open the app, select their airport and terminal, and get all the tips and user reviews they need about the best food, shops and services near them.


GateGuru is great for business travelers who have long layovers, particular dietary requirements or simply those who want to maximize their time in the airport and make their journey as smooth as possible.


Plus, GateGuru has fun features to pass the time, including Your Travel Stats, where travelers can compare their flight mileage against other users and share it on social media. All in all, GateGuru makes airports more accessible to travelers by helping them find their way around and putting the information they need at their fingertips – giving them more time to prepare for client meetings at the other end.


Available on iOS, Windows Phone and Android


Get the app here:


iTranslate Translator

Whether you’re talking with a client at a business meeting or the cab driver you need to get you there, it always helps to speak the same language. iTranslate is one of the best translation and dictionary apps, making it easy to translate text or websites in over 90 languages. It even works when speaking into it, translating your voice into the local language.


By using iTranslate to read, write and speak to local people across the world, business travelers will not only find it easier to get practical help – such as asking for directions or ordering food – they may also find it helps them build stronger relationships with overseas clients. You never know, making the effort to speak the language might just give you the edge over your competitors.


It’s also possible to translate between major languages offline, reducing expensive roaming charges and saving money on corporate travel budgets.


Available on iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android


Get the app here:


Events from Facebook

So the conference has finished, the business meeting is over. While some travelers might be tempted to go back to their hotel room, others will want to find out more about the city they’re in, do some exploring and enjoy activities and events in the area.


Facebook, where people post hundreds of millions of events every year, has released a standalone app – Events from Facebook. Whether business travelers are looking for something like an art exhibition, or a mini-festival they can attend with clients, they’ll find all types of events here.

When travelers open the app, an interactive map allows them to see what’s happening nearby. They can also search for events anywhere in the world – perfect if they’re planning ahead for a business trip. It’s easy to tailor around any work schedule or travel itinerary, because the app allows travelers to choose calendars they want to add from their phone and view them alongside Facebook events – so it couldn’t be simpler to make plans.


Available on iOS and Android


Get the app here for iOS:

Get the app here for Android:


CWT To Go™

CWT’s innovative CWT To Go travel app is perfect for both travelers and travel managers. Users can search and book hotels fast, check in with 250 airlines worldwide, and receive automatic flight alerts and real-time travel notifications – making it handy for any stage of a corporate trip.


Not only does the app keep travelers more connected and informed, it makes them more productive as they can get important real-time information whenever they need it – giving them more time to focus on their work.


As their organized itinerary is automatically synced with their business calendar, travelers can see all their trip details in one place – and get helpful info and tips. Available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, it’s also easy to view and update loyalty numbers and other travel information.


Available on iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android – including Fire tablets


Get the app here:


Skype for Business

Communication and collaboration are essential ingredients for business success, and Skype for Business can help to achieve both.


When it comes to getting in touch with business travelers wherever they are in the world, Skype’s instant messaging service is faster than email because you can see who’s available and communicate with them right away. If there are any travel planning changes, for instance, business travelers can be updated immediately and soon respond if there are any issues – reducing the chance of miscommunication.


Another reason Skype for Business is one of the best travel management apps is because it improves productivity. With it being so easy to send and receive documents, and work on them together with other colleagues, there are even more opportunities for remote working.


Corporate travel managers may also find that Skype for Business can reduce the need for a business trip entirely. While face-to-face meetings are always better, Skype technology can offer an alternative way to hold meetings if you just can’t get there.


Available on iOS, Windows Phone and Android


Get the app here for iOS:


Get the app here for Windows Phone:


Get the app here for Android:


There are many more apps for business travelers that can enhance your corporate travel experience, improve collaboration and communication, and encourage better budget planning. Check out our suggestions and see how they work for you and your organization.


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