The Sharing Economy. Here to Stay. Now What?

November 2015

The idea of sharing is not new but online marketplaces, with ever-increasing capabilities, have created new and easy ways to facilitate sharing in business. Today the "sharing economy"mostly refers to individuals renting goods or services they need from other individuals using technology-based networks to facilitate transactions.

While it's clear the sharing economy is not a passing trend, what's less clear is the level at which travel managers should integrate it into their travel programs. The answer is not a simple yes or no. Rather, it is as complicated as any other new and gamechanging initiative available in managed travel programs over
the past many years. Along with the undeniable opportunity for transaction-specific savings, many businesses believe the sharing economy is also a legitimate component of a Corporate Social Responsibility program. Using online marketplaces to exchange "used" goods and services can be a frugal and resource friendly business practice.


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