CWT AnalytiQs

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It’s the end of travel data reporting as you know it.

We’ll take you from facts, figures and reports to a world of connections, insights and possibilities.

We’ve built new systems, along with a fast and reliable infrastructure with an intuitive user experience.

Get the information you need quickly to make the decisions that matter.


Watch your data update in real-time—don’t wait for 30+ days! 
Compare your program performance to your peers.
We’ll crunch the data and show you where your opportunities lie.
And all in a simple, easy-to-use interface you’ll love.
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CWT AnalytIQs: Real-time data drives faster decisions

CWT AnalytIQs: Real-time, visual displays help identify savings

CWT AnalytIQs: Making travel management easier

CWT AnalytIQs: Business intelligence that's easy to view