CWT Hotel Intel

Reviews travellers can trust


Give your travellers the information
they want while maintaining
control of your travel programme.


53% of travellers
will not book
a hotel unless it has
a review*







Genuine reviews.
100% of reviews are
from business travelers
who have actually
stayed at that property.

Private and secure.
Full reviews are shared
only within your secure,
company-specific site.

Support compliance goals.
Travelers will always
be guided to
company-preferred and
policy-compliant hotels.

Three offers to choose from:
CWT Hotel Intel Directory
  • Lets travelers see overall scoring and popularity based on reviews
  • Doesn't solicit reviews from travelers
CWT Hotel Intel Core
  • Shows both CWT and company-negotiated rates
  • Displays full peer traveler reviews
  • Encourages travelers to leave reviews after their trips
CWT Hotel Intel Enhanced. Core plus:
  • Provides quarterly travel manager reporting
  • Lets you activate or deactivate review capture
  • Enables you to display traveler names on reviews or keep them anonymous
  • Limits hotel displays to company-preferred content only