CWT Program Messenger

Inform, advise and reinforce at every step

Customised, targeted messaging helps you achieve company goals.

Reinforce policy compliance


Better manage supplier agreements


Raise awareness of total cost of travel
  Increase traveller satisfaction
Provide destination-based information  
Creating a travel policy is only the first step toward truly driving savings and control.

- You need to tell your travellers about the policy.

- You need to reinforce positive behavior.

- You need to change non-compliant behavior.

- You want to take advantage of savings opportunities.

- You want to improve traveller satisfaction.


CWT Program Messenger helps you do all of this and more with an easy-to-use, configurable communication tool that removes many of the barriers you face in sharing information with your travellers.


GOAL: Total cost of travel visibility



ACTION: Chris books an international flight with an airline that charges for bags and has other fees.


IMPACT: Chris may incur unexpected expenses that cost her company more money or may not be reimbursable.


MESSAGE: Communicate expected charges and reinforce company policy on ancillary fees.


MESSAGE 2: Reinforce company mobile policy related to international fees closer to departure.


RESULT: Chris activates international capabilities on her phone and checks her bags in advance, avoiding additional costs.


Dear Chris,


All business airlines recently changed their baggage policies and fees. The airline now charges a £100 fee whenever carry-on bags are checked at the gate. Please keep this in mind and be sure to check any necessary luggage before boarding to minimize fees.


Thank you,


J. Smith, Travel Manager




ACTION: The hotel Bob books through CWT is not part of his company’s preferred program.


IMPACT: Bob would pay more for his hotel, and his company wouldn’t be able to use his stay toward meeting their commitments with preferred properties.


MESSAGE: Explain the importance of using preferred properties and ask Bob to change his reservation.


RESULT: Bob rebooks at a preferred hotel, saving money and contributing to improvements in his company’s use of preferred properties, which aids future negotiations.


Dear Bob,


The Victorian Gingerbread Hotel San Francisco is no longer preferred by our company. Please change your reservation to an approved hotel, as shown in our online booking tool.


Thank you for your support,


The Corporate Travel Team



GOAL: Improve supplier performance


GOAL: Improve Policy Compliance



ACTION: Stephanie does not book the lowest available airfare.


IMPACT: Stephanie would pay more for her flight.


MESSAGE: Explain the importance of taking the lowest-cost flight wherever possible and ask Stephanie to reconsider her reservation.


RESULT: Stephanie rebooks to a lower-cost flight. Because pre-ticket data was used to catch her mistake before the flight was ticketed, Stephanie avoids change and/or cancellation fees.


Dear Stephanie,


Your recent air reservation detailed below exceeded the lowest available price by more than £150. As a reminder, all travellers are required to purchase the lowest-priced fare. Please make alternate arrangements that comply with our travel policy.


Thank you for your support,


The Corporate Travel Team