Online osmosis

When media and communications consultancy firm Analysys Mason wanted their travellers to adopt online booking with the CWT To Go app, behaviour change was key.


Analysys Mason is benefiting from more efficient and convenient travel than ever before after successfully implementing a free app, CWT To Go.


Global specialist advisers in telecoms, media and technology, Analysys Mason was quick to grasp the advantages of the future-proof app for business travel that is offered by Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) to all its clients.


Switching from the familiar to the new

Analysys Mason executive assistant Karen Westdijk, who arranges travel for 150 employees, spearheaded a project to get them all using the app after identifying the potential time-saving benefits for her travellers and herself.


Karen understood that gaining internal buy-in was crucial but might not be easy. Her travellers were already using a variety of other apps for weather forecasts, booking taxis and finding hotels, but CWT To Go offers all this and much more in a ‘one-stop shop’. The challenge would be to persuade them to switch from the familiar to the new.


Leading by example

Karen’s first step towards achieving stakeholder engagement was getting senior management onboard. An opportunity came after her boss, Chris Stanford-Beale, got stuck at an airport. Karen pointed out that it would have been really helpful if he’d had the app, so he agreed to download it and give it a go.


The verdict from Chris, who is a partner at Analysys Mason in Cambridge, was: ‘It’s a rare gem!’ This gave Karen the motivation to approach CEO Bram Moerman, who ‘loved it as soon as he tried it’. Soon, senior managers were promoting it to their colleagues and Karen was receiving emails from people who wanted to know more about the ‘wonderful app’.


Encouraging staff to download a particular app to their devices can be a challenge for any travel manager, but here Karen struck lucky. A mobile phone rollout was due, with everyone in the company set to receive a new iPhone. Bram asked the IT department to install CWT To Go on everyone’s new phone.


Everybody benefits

Karen’s next step was to encourage travellers to use the app by explaining the ease-of-use and benefits. With CWT To Go, travellers are equipped with mobile services that not only support compliance to preferred booking channels and suppliers but also give them the convenience and real-time trip information they need including flight status alerts, calendar sync, gate change notifications and mobile check-in.  


Following the successful adoption of CWT To Go among Analysys Mason travellers, Karen is experiencing many of benefits herself. It has eliminated minor queries that would have come to her, especially from less experienced travellers, such as how and when to check in. If a traveller is stuck at an airport and there are gate changes, they don’t call her to find out whether they have missed their flights as everything they need to know is on their own device.


Summing up the benefits of CWT To Go compared with industry rivals, Marc Tatossian, support analyst at Analysys Mason in London, said: ‘CWT To Go is the ultimate itinerary app. What makes this app even more special than other itinerary apps is that you have everything you need to get started!’