Taking the strain out of booking travel 

SAICA’s travellers are enjoying streamlined travel booking after embracing CWT Trip Order


The general management of SAICA was keen to ensure that offline bookings are carried out as efficiently as trips arranged through the online booking tool (OBT).


SAICA, which produces sustainable solutions for paper and board packaging, is a client of CWT in the UK and Ireland, where it has 829 travellers.


Bridging the gaps

The company’s travellers book their own travel, including flights and accommodation, using the OBT wherever possible. Offline travel requests are made by email to CWT consultants. However, on some occasions in the past, essential information was missing in the original request, which required follow-up communications between the consultant and booker.


Examples of missing information included:


  • Passport numbers for long-haul flights

  • Alternative accommodation selections in case the first choice is unavailable

  • Mandatory accounting information – cost centres, payroll numbers, division


Many of SAICA’s travellers are on-the-road sales executives and are not always able to respond quickly to requests for further information, which could mean delays in securing the best available fares. The challenge was to improve efficiency by reducing the number of emails between bookers and consultants, and making the booking process quicker.



Kicking off with a pilot

SAICA implemented CWT Trip Order, a web-based booking form that enables travellers to place requests, 24/7 and fulfilled by CWT during core business hours. All necessary information is captured in the standard form, reducing the need to contact the booker further. SAICA was also shown how the form could be customised, for example by including the option to add hotel loyalty cards, but it wasn’t necessary in this case.


The company’s top ten travellers trialled CWT Trip Order in a pilot scheme and when this was deemed a success, it was rolled out to the others.


The client verdict

Steven Petty, finance service centre manager SAICA UK & Ireland, said: “CWT Trip Order provides a standardised process for requesting travel and accommodation requirements for individual travellers and small group travel. It reduces the potential for booking errors. The ability to retain and reuse regular trips also saves time for our travel bookers. There are some drop-down selections/searches within the Trip Order tool, which helps the booker enter the correct details.


“Our travellers had some resistance to its use in the early days of implementation but quickly adopted the new process. We generally receive positive feedback from travellers who use the tool.”

Achieving greater efficiencies

SAICA achieved the efficiencies it was seeking, with CWT Trip Order saving both time and money. Since the rollout, the number of contacts per transaction has decreased by 27 per cent, resulting in an increase in savings of eight per cent. Average ticket price has reduced by four per cent as fares are now secured more quickly.


CWT account manager Stef Barrett: “It’s great to see SAICA’s success. The company is very good at embracing all of our new products. They are not scared to try something new if it might improve the experience of their travellers. We appreciate that because their early feedback allows us to further develop products to the benefit of all travellers.


“Initially, some travellers may have been reluctant to use CWT Trip Order because it’s another process, but they quickly realised that the benefit of doing so is that the mandatory fields in the form ensure they have provided all the necessary information in the first communication, and the number of emails is reduced.”