How traveller reviews benefit corporate travel programmes


Traveller reviews and social media are changing the way we plan and talk about our trips.



But what does this mean for the business travel world? Felicity Cousins finds out.


The Boston Consulting Group has indicated that Millennials – the generation born between 1980 and the early 2000’s – check 10.2 sources before travelling.


Given that by 2015 the millennial generation will compose over 50% of the workforce, how can travel managers ensure corporate travel reviews benefit their travel programme?


5 ways to make traveller reviews work for you


  • Social media is all about sharing and connecting, and the same is true for traveller reviews. If travel managers can offer a platform for travellers to voice their thoughts they can benefit from in-depth knowledge.
  • Find a platform that works for you.CWT Hotel Intel – this way you can keep all reviews, data and discussions in one place. Make sure your company has one platform for traveller reviews such as
  • Having open debates will encourage travellers to show good behaviour – people are more likely to share knowledge about hotels and airlines within policy. This helps buyers achieve results.
  • Be brave! Your travellers will always talk and share information online, so it is best if you are aware of it and manage it. Empower your travellers and let them drive programme compliance through their discussions.
  • Use your knowledge and data collected from your open honest debates to talk to suppliers and discover better deals.

    A powerful and factual negotiation tool

    CWT’s hotel review platform enables travellers to read and post reviews on policy-compliant hotels they have stayed at. The platform is currently used by 50 CWT clients including global automotive group, Michelin.

    “From a negotiation and quality standpoint, we now have access to thousands of reviews written by Michelin travellers on our hotel programme, even from members of the board, which makes it the most powerful and factual negotiation tool we could imagine,” says Philippe Lavest , travel manager, Michelin.

    Fearful of bad traveller reviews? 87.5% of the reviews posted on CWT Hotel Intel are positive.

    For more advice on how to use traveller reviews to better manage your programme, call +44 (0)20 3353 0340 or email