Corporate responsibility tips for business travel


A respectable 16% of surveyed travel managers say they will prioritise reinforcing corporate responsibility (CR) in 2014.1


Far from suffering from ‘green fatigue’, many companies are only just getting started with regards to fully-engaging in environmental and social commitments.


Looking to spring clean your CR programme? Follow these tips to reinforce CR in your travel programme.


Corporate responsibility tips

  • Look at the end-to-end travel processes when considering travel risk management. Ground transportation can be a weak link in safe travel.
  • Update your policy with a clear stance on newer services, such as peer-to-peer car sharing at airports, motorbike taxis, as well as social media use and IT security.
  • Provide information and/or training on how to stay healthy and safe while travelling as part of a wider risk-management programme.
  • Encourage meeting planners to integrate travel stress and carbon emissions into their selection criteria. Favour domestic locations and hold virtual or hybrid meetings (combining physical and online attendance). List online services that can provide this?
  • Consider offsetting carbon emissions in addition to choosing carbon-efficient travel options. CWT offers this service through its own trusted providers and other third parties.

    Reducing your carbon footprint

    Information is key for travel managers aiming to reduce the environmental impact of their travel and meetings activities, and suppliers are obliging with a variety of tools and features.

    For example, CWT Online, CWT’s intuitive online booking tool, makes ‘green’ one of its four travel options proposed to travellers, along with ‘recommended’, ‘cheap’ and ‘quick’. CWT has also developed a range of tools to support green travel at different stages of the service chain. Learn more here.

    For advice on how to reinforce corporate responsibility in your travel programme, please contact