How to make savings on ground transportation


Looking to make savings on your corporate travel programme?



Ground transportation is a great place to start, as you look at the end to end, or door-to-door trip.


Travel managers occasionally overlook the total cost of trips. The air ticket is secured, the hotel rate is secured, but the ground transport is often left for the business traveller to make their own way.


This results in jumping into a black taxi at Heathrow for a trip to London’s West End which can not only be three or four times the cost of a ticket on alternative form of ground transportation, but it can cost the traveller valuable time and prevents the working-on-the-go support; such as access to Wi-Fi like the rail link (Heathrow Express) between the airport and Paddington provides.


Know what’s being booked and create a policy


There is the risk of a significant cost attached to ground transportation, whether it’s rail or taxis, but you should be aware of what people are doing and try to manage it.


Having a good transportation policy can allow you make savings of between 10% and 30%, whilst improving the traveller experience; from car parking at airports, to negotiating rates for limos.


Consolidate your options


Where you don’t have global suppliers, start with your top 5 destinations and look for negotiations in those particular areas. You may not only be able to save money, but provide your travellers with a better service than risking it last minute.


For example, if your people are parking in the long-term car park, you might think of doing a deal with a valet parking company for the same rates.


Keep travel time in mind


It is important that rail tickets be booked in-house and in advance. It may be okay for people to buy a ticket at an airport for a short journey, but for a long journey on rail, buy an advance or a restrictive ticket for real savings.


Tickets tend to be 50% cheaper if you arrive after peak time, so arrange a meeting for the afternoon rather than the morning – your travellers can always work on the train!

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