How game techniques can drive travel policy compliance

A travel manager has many tools to drive compliance.


But with travellers now more connected (and accessable) to external parties, the travel programme must find new ways to break through the clutter and get travellers’ attention.


Gaming techniques – or gamification – are a great way to unlock the next level of traveller loyalty and compliance.


What is gamification?


Gamification is about making a game out of a non-game environment to get people to behave in a certain way. It’s about getting them fully-engaged with a product or process.


Top tips

  • Ensure relevance for all. Most people are motivated by recognition, reward, and friendly competition.
  • Know what you want to improve. Identify the behaviours you want to improve, and set goals over a period of time. Then, work with a consultancy, such as the CWT Solutions Group, to deploy the gaming tactics that will best drive the desired behaviours.
  • Focus on the traveller. While accomplishing company goals is obviously the primary focus, use this new platform to frame the discussion on what’s in it for the business traveller.
  • Understand suppliers’ activities. Many travel suppliers, including airlines, have shifted their loyalty programmes to reward travellers for spending more.
  • And how to respond. As suppliers begin rewarding travellers for spending more, you may wish to counteract this with equally attractive rewards. The greater the “personal cost” to the traveller for being loyal to the programme rather than to their favourite supplier, the more tangible the reward from the organisation must be.

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