Make tracks and savings on UK rail journeys

Avoid price hikes and peak time costs with some top tips on how to make savings on rail.


‘You can make savings of between 10 and 30 per cent by having a good transportation policy - whether its rail or taxis, you should know how people are travelling and try to manage it’, says Nigel Turner, senior director of programme management & business development UK & Ireland at CWT.


Let the train take the strain... but not on your company wallet


UK rail is increasingly suitable for business travel, especially as the proliferation of smartphones and laptops raise the expectation of working on the move. The productivity on a train especially when Wi-Fi is available – can be high.


Top tips:

  • Book rail tickets in advance

  • Book tickets in-house or via your TMC

  • Buy a restrictive ticket for real savings for longer journeys on rail

  • Tickets will be about 50 per cent cheaper if you arrive after peak time, so arrange a meeting for the afternoon rather than the morning.


High speed to European cities


Companies with short-haul travel to European cities should aim to include rail in their policies. It’s often the better option to take high-speed rail between cities in Europe than to fly.


A ground transportation policy linked to CWT Programme Messenger will also enable the company to automatically advise travellers how to do the right thing. You can message in real time, ‘When you arrive in Paris, here is the preferred option’, whether it is taking the train or getting into a taxi.


Travel managers need to evaluate how long the journey would take by different methods and how that affects the individual, as well as the business cost/benefit.


For further information on how to create and manage an effective ground transportation programme, please contact your CWT representative on +44 (0)20 3353 0340 / in the UK or +353 (0) 12199606/ in Ireland.