How to reap the benefits and avoid unexpected extra charges as carriers change pricing models


Read the below to ensure you and your travellers are up to date with key baggage and fare changes from two carriers we know many of you use every week.




British Airways is changing its baggage allowance rules this month. Although passengers will still be able to take two items of hand luggage on board, dimensions for a handbag/laptop bag are being reduced to 40 x 30 x 15cm so that it can be stowed beneath the seat in front. The current maximum size allowed is 45 x 36 x 20cm. The size of the second, main cabin bag will remain unchanged at 56 x 45 x 25cm.


The airline is also reducing the free checked baggage allowance for World Traveller (economy) passengers with fully-flexible tickets to one piece of (23kg max) luggage and increasing its excess baggage charges.



Lufthansa’s new fare model; a new business class fare and three economy class fares: Light, Classic and Flex, launching in October, revolves around optional ancillary services. (See table below).

Travellers carrying only hand luggage could benefit from very low fares as long as they’re 100% sure of their travel needs. Such fares don’t include:

- seat reservation

- checked baggage

- booking changes


How we can help:

Last-minute booking changes can add unexpected costs if the fare conditions are not carefully chosen at the time of booking.


By encouraging your travellers to book through your travel programme CWT can guarantee:


competent and in-depth advice at the time of booking. The variety of conditions and ancillary services available make it difficult to directly compare fares. Our experts make complex booking choices easier.

all services from a single source, saving you time and money. Some ancillary services, such as baggage, are more expensive if not specified when you book the flight.

negotiating power helping to keep costs down. We can also advise you on any required policy adjustments to your programme. Cheaper fares may lead to a decrease in volumes. We can help you negotiate airfares to include ancillaries in your agreed volume.

booking new fares using an online booking tool (OBT)

Using an OBT to secure the new fares still leads to challenges that suppliers are busy working on. We recommend including tailored messaging in the tool to help your bookers.

For more information or advice on latest changes to flight pricing contact your programme manager.