Exploring - shift to mobile

Mobile technology is having an increasing impact on the way we do business in the travel industry. This breakout session focussed on how we can harness the advantages that it brings while still managing the requirements for data, policy compliance and corporate responsibility.

Improvements in broadband and Wi-Fi availability mean that using connected devices is easier than ever before, allowing us to solve problems at the right time, wherever travellers are. The latest global research by the CWT Travel Management Institute revealed that 92 per cent of travel managers expect mobile technology to impact business travel in the next three to five years.

The institute’s survey explored the benefits of mobile tech for travellers and travel managers. Travellers said their top three were:

  • Convenience
  • Ease of use
  • Access to relevant information


Meanwhile travel managers sited:

  • Traveller satisfaction
  • Ease of doing business
  • Productivity


Given these findings, attendees were asked to assume the role either of traveller or travel manager to look more closely at what mobile can bring. Thinking about the evolution from traditional booking methods to mobile, thetravel managers’ agreed mobile will become commonplace and this would result in a change of culture from a traditional reliance on others.

Looking ahead to the future, ‘travel managers’ wanted to see rail integrated with mobile technology and the ability for travellers to check in to their destination via an app to let their managers know they have arrived safely. Another benefit could be a way of linking employees travelling to the same locations so they could share cars.

Ourtravellers’ were looking forward to a true end-to-end app, with expenses fully integrated. Some wanted to see the app integrating with other apps while others wanted it to be the only app they needed. Another requirement was for proactive help when flights are delayed or cancelled, with an app automatically organising a new flight and extending hotel stay if needed.

Finally, attendees were asked what support they needed during this ‘switch to mobile’ transition. Some called on CWT to provide a real value proposition on how CWT To Go is better than other apps. One travel manager revealed that she persuaded her CEO to download the app and he was so impressed that he has since mandated that it is added to all company phones when they are updated. Others agreed that having app ambassadors within their company would be helpful to promote it internally.

For more details on CWT To Go and a new service currently being trialled in the US around trip disruption and automatic rebooking, speak to your CWT programme manager today or call 020 3353 0000.

If you’d like to hear more about adapting for the shift to mobile in 2016, please contact your programme manager, or speak to Marie Ware, UK programme management director.