Power to the People

18 FEBRUARY, 2016

The latest research from CWT suggests that 2016 will be the year of the traveller, as companies embrace new technologies and ways of working to improve traveller satisfaction.

Conducted annually, the CWT Trends report combines a survey of over 1,000 travel managers across the world, white papers, client case studies and additional CWT research to give travel managers a comprehensive look at the year ahead.

Managing change, managing travel

Change appears to be accelerating in managed travel, with each major technological shift generating further innovation as the industry adapts its expectations and behaviour. Much has been said about the consumerisation of managed travel and how travellers are adopting new apps and tools inspired by the leisure sector, while catching onto widespread trends such as the sharing economy.

It is clear travellers accept change readily when it makes their lives easier, even if they might express some concerns with the unknown, such as the potential impact on data security and privacy.

Providing a truly seamless experience

In terms of evolving technology and trends, managed travel is certainly becoming faster, smarter and even better when the new tools and processes are used wisely.

Commenting on the study, David Moran, CWT’s executive vice president said: “Travel managers have told us loud and clear that the traveller experience will play a major role in the 2016 travel programme. Whether it is proactive destination information, help in an emergency, multichannel access or personalised services – everything is designed to provide travellers with a seamless experience at every stage of a trip.”

Moran concluded: “As companies look at how to make travellers’ lives easier, the role of the travel management company is evolving – from travel bookers to trusted advisors who provide real insights. While new technology will play a part, the human touch is important too, as consultants suggest proactive solutions and advice on a host of topics. CWT is in the ideal position to provide the best of both.”

As always, TMCs not only work alongside corporate clients to provide day-to-day support but they also cooperate with leaders inside and outside the travel industry to advocate changes that can have a positive impact on managed travel programmes.

These are exciting times indeed. The trends and developments we see today are just the beginning of even better things to come.