Wonder Women

08 MARCH, 2016

International Women's Day is celebrated on 8 March every year to recognise the contributions and achievements of women around the world.


This year, the UN aims to build momentum for its 17 new Sustainable Development Goals which will push for improved living and working conditions for women, as well as promoting gender parity across the globe. More about the UN goals can be seen here.


Today we are celebrating this day by profiling some of CWT’s most inspiring women. Read on to find out about what inspires them.

Lianne Judd, Operations manager venue find, CWT Meetings & Events UK & IE


I have worked for CWT M&E for 9 years and will celebrate my 10 year anniversary in February 2017. I love that no two days are the same in this job - you can’t predict what will come next! I have a great team that I love to work with in a department that is constantly evolving. Having been a part of that growth is an amazing feeling.


My favourite destination is Croatia. It’s a hidden oasis of beautiful beaches and historical landmarks. It could almost be described as a land that time forgot; very unspoilt but a hint of the new beginning to emerge. I predict that the country will change dramatically in the coming years – go and see it before it changes!


The project I have enjoyed most was the roll out of Cvent in 2014. Getting a whole team to migrate from our previous system literally overnight and getting them all trained was a massive challenge. Seeing the progress made in the first year after implementing the system, how engaged everyone has been and how much time it has saved us in the long run has been worth it. It is a fantastic achievement and I’m so proud that I played a part in it.


In my spare time I love to cook and invite friends over for dinner to sample my culinary creations, usually with a glass of wine or two!


If I could choose a superpower I would read people’s minds because I’m nosey!


Princess Diana was the woman that I most admired. She was a caring, passionate person and a great charity ambassador. At times she risked her life, such as when she was raising awareness of the threat of land mines in former warzones. But the thing that I most admired about her was that she balanced all of this with being a great mother.

Kelly Kuhn, president Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Global Partners Network 


I’ve worked for the company a long time! 27 years. It actually doesn’t feel that long, as there have been lots of changes along the way.


I can’t pick a favorite travel destination!Living in Asia, I soaked in as much as I possibly could. I’ve had some of the most amazing travel experiences, including staying in a yurt in Mongolia; running a half marathon in Cambodia; trekking through Sapa in Northern Vietnam; hiking Emei Mountain in China; running along the bay in Darling Harbor, Sydney; and going to the Holi in Mathura, India.


I love Italy because of the culture and art. Florence and Tuscany in particular. I also love the food in Italy! If I had to pick one food type, I’d always choose Italian. Although I also love Vietnamese food and Thai food. The spicier the better.


I went to Northwestern University as a Voice Performance Major and I did a lot of musical theater on the side. When I finished school, I got a dual degree in arts administration doing not-for-profit fundraising in the arts, and that’s the direction I ended up going. I sang on the side privately at weekends for fun, but stopped performing classical music after college.


If I could choose any superpower, it would be healing. I’ve had a lot of illness in my family and I lost my best friend to a brain tumor nine years ago. Living in Asia and all around the world really, you see so much illness in certain countries. The world needs more healing.


I’m lucky to have had many inspirational women in my life. If I had to pick, I’d choose my family. My mum’s will and strength continuously inspire me. Despite battling terminal pancreatic cancer, she is determined to reach her next wedding anniversary after 65 years of marriage. Her main reason? To ensure my dad isn’t on his own on this day. I see a similar desire to support loved ones in my sister, who dedicates her life to ensuring her son receives 24-hour in home care to give him the best life possible. That shared determination to fight for those they care for is present in them both, and I feel inspired by them daily.

Samantha Simmons, Manager, 24 Hour Service Centre


I have worked for CWT for 15 Years which amazes me – it has flown by! I love everything about my job - the people, the diverse environment. It is a great company to work for.


My favourite holiday destination is Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. I love the beautiful beaches, climate and its family-friendly atmosphere.


The work project that I have enjoyed most so far has been participating in the Operational Excellence programme. 2015 was the introductory year for the 24 Hour Service Centre in London Heathrow. The team worked incredibly hard and delivered outstanding results. It is truly a privilege to lead such a great team here at 24HSC.


I’m a qualified acrobatic gymnastics judge, so my involvement in sport and competitions takes up a lot of my spare time. My daughter is a competitive gymnast and my biggest inspiration. She inspires me to work hard every day and to balance my responsibilities at work with quality family time at home.

Lynn Ashall, Quality & business processes manager, UK & Ireland


I have worked for CWT since 1995, so I will have worked for the company for 21 years this year. I joined as a travel consultant, so to work my way up to my current job I have relished the chances to meet new challenges and take new opportunities.


As I have progressed throughout my career, I have made a point of re-inventing myself to adapt to meet the new skills demanded from the industry as they emerge. I love to learn new things and my desire for self-development led me to study for a degree at the Open University. What I enjoy most about my current role is that I get to help people and the decision-making aspects.


My favourite destination would have to be Uluru, formerly known as Ayer’s Rock, in Australia. Ancient, mysterious and beautifully eerie, the natural wonder of it left me awestruck.


The Operational Excellence Project in 2011 was exciting to be a part of - it encompassed everything that I love about my job. It was an interesting journey with some major challenges encountered along the way. During this period I achieved LSS Black Belt certification - an accomplishment of which I am tremendously proud.


In my free time I have a myriad of interests and hobbies. I enjoy spending time with family, friends and pets. I’m a real foodie and I love carrying out house renovations. Music is another love of mine - I play the piano, clarinet, and saxophone – and I enjoy creating art.


If I could choose any superpower, it would be endless empathy. My mother had a gift for nurturing and caring for people and I would love to have that same connection with those in need.


Judi Dench is the woman that I admire most. She is so poised, dedicated and strong with an amazing ability to connect with audiences.