Making a difference on World Water Day

22 MARCH, 2016

“Water is a finite resource that is critical to basic human survival. Studies show that demand is projected to exceed supply by 40 percent by 2030, and in the next 15 years, nearly two thirds of the world’s population will live in areas of significant water stress, a challenge that has become increasingly obvious in the last few years.” Hilton Worldwide.

World Water Day is an international observance and an opportunity to learn more about water related issues, be inspired to tell others and take action to make a difference.

Travel arrangers and meeting planners have more choice than ever when it comes to deciding on the best hotel and venue solutions. By making responsible choices, we can all contribute to make a positive difference to the environment.

The Crystal, London

With 14 different event spaces located in London's Royal Docks, The Crystal claims to be one of the world's most sustainable buildings and events venues.

An all-electric building, it uses solar power and a ground source heat pump to generate its own energy. The venue also incorporates rainwater harvesting, black water treatment, solar heating and automated building management systems.

ExCeL London

As one of the UK’s leading international convention centres ExCeL London is committed to operating as a responsible corporate business, complying with both ISO 20121 and ISO 14001 standards.

The venue has the UK’s only commercial wormery, which recycles all types of food waste. In total, ExCeL recycles 60% of its waste and the remaining 40% is converted to energy. Impressively, in 2013 it sent zero waste to landfill.

15 Hatfields

London’s 15 Hatfields boasts “a list of sustainable credentials as long as your arm.”

The venue is the first in the UK to receive certification of the NQA Sustainable Development Management Scheme and was awarded ISO 14001 accreditation in 2013.

A strict no bottled water policy saves unnecessary waste, as the venue filters its own water on site and serves it in reusable glass bottles. As well as this, it has distributed over two million wild flower seeds to help save the decline of bees in London.

Hilton Worldwide

Hilton Worldwide has a water strategy which focuses on reducing water use by measuring consumption.

In 2014, the company saved 3,518,000 gallons of water by using reduced weight sheets and towels, and an additional 1,770,611 gallons by using ‘room ready’ bedding – eliminating the need for a first wash.

“As a large consumer of water, it is important for the hospitality industry to implement reduction measures and drive efficiencies around water use to sustain our operations and the destinations we serve over the long term.” Hilton Worldwide.

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