The world’s most weird and wonderful hotels

06 September, 2016

Business travel can become somewhat of a routine, especially if you are visiting the same places, staying in the same hotels every time. It’s true, a hotel needs to be practical – good WiFi access, a comfortable bed, a good location and a decent night’s sleep are all important. But what if you fancy a change? We have pulled together a selection of the world’s most weird and wonderful hotels, so take your pick!


Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin

A hotel and an art installation only for the adventurous – this hotel is fitted with 30 unique rooms ranging from a padded cell, a mine, a room with a floating bed, one with angled mirrored walls, and one with a rotating bed!


Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi

Sweden opened the world’s first ice hotel over 20 years ago and continue to rebuild the hotel every November using ice and snow from the river Torne. If you’re a fan of the cold side of the pillow, this is the place for you.


V8 Hotel, Stuttgart

If you’ve always wanted to sleep jacked up on a hydraulic ramp then you will love the V8 Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany. Each room is themed with vintage cars and accessories, including a carwash, drive-in cinema and a workshop.


Das Park Hotel, Linz

Spending the night inside a sewage pipe might not sound too appealing, but fortunately these comfy concrete tubes in Austria have been cleaned and renovated – providing a unique place to stay on the banks of the Danube.


Harlingen Harbour Crane, The Netherlands

With 360 degrees views 150ft high over the Wadden Sea, the Harlington Crane Hotel features a roof patio, double bed and free internet! Where else could you spend the night cooped up in a former machine control room?


Jumbo Stay, Stockholm Arlanda Airport

There’s no need leave the airport when you arrive in Sweden. This former jumbo jet dates back to 1976 and has been transformed into various bedrooms and a café bar, not forgetting a luxurious double bed ensuite in the cockpit.