An easy way to understand virtual payment

With watches and phones able to beep and pay everything from a bus journey to a sandwich, the idea of paying for things virtually is part of everyday life for many of us. 


Virtual payment is much like contactless technology – but instead of a traveller or booker needing a corporate credit card to book something, they can use a VCN – a virtual card number to pay for their travel centrally. It makes invoicing quicker and easier and saves a lot of time for the traveller and booker. See our short video to see how it’s done.


The 4 easy steps of virtual payment:

1. A travel consultant makes a booking

           -   They send the data to Conferma

2. Conferma connects with the company’s bank

3. The bank generates a VCN and sends it to Conferma

4. Which then sends it back to the travel consultant to complete the booking.


For low cost carrier flights it’s even easier – just fill in the VCN in the payment screen!


And for hotels, the VCN is included in the reservation, and then charged back with any other agreed expenses on check out! This can all be done via our travel consultants and soon via our app.


Using a virtual payment system has plenty of benefits – anyone can use it, they are more secure and easy to reconcile as well.


Read our whitepaper for more details here