Taking responsibility

CWT in top one per cent for responsible business practices


CWT is celebrating after making it to the top one per cent of all companies worldwide for responsible business practices. Our fifth annual Responsible Business report, published in June, showed how CWT is evolving in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and achieved the EcoVadis Gold rating.


Françoise Grumberg, vice president global responsible business, said: “Today responsible business (RB) is imperative to how any company conducts business. This is why we see a strong demand from our customers, in fact 100% of our global requests for proposal enquire about CSR.


“Our clients, prospects and suppliers want to know that when they do business with us, they are partnering with someone who is fully committed to all aspects of RB. And at the same time, choosing a business partner with a sound CSR strategy helps them achieve their own sustainability goals too. It’s also important for our employees and potential employees to know that we have firm governance around responsible business.”


RB is about more than minimising an organisation’s ecological footprint. CWT takes a much more holistic approach to sustainability. We ensure that our programme targets the most relevant and important CSR issues to our organisation and to our key stakeholders. We focus on seven areas: responsible business governance; ethics and business behaviour; human resources; human rights; environment, responsible products and services; and community involvement.


CWT finally achieved the EcoVadis Gold rating in April, making it to the top one percent of companies worldwide for responsible business practices, after our performance in environment, labour, fair business practices and sustainable procurement was evaluated by looking at our policies, actions and results.


Françoise added: “Key stakeholders, such as clients and rating agencies like EcoVadis, regularly ask us to prove that we are engaged with our supply chain to minimise RB risks. In addition, regulations in some countries are increasingly putting pressure on companies to take responsibility for what goes on in their respective supply chains. This explains why sustainable procurement accounts for more than one quarter of the EcoVadis rating.”


“One action we put in place that helped achieve our Gold rating was the strengthening of our responsible supplier programme, launched in 2014. Other major elements were our policies and training programmes within the ethics and compliance domains.”