Safety first

Free safety and security consultation offered to all CWT M&E clients


The threat of terrorism in a politically turbulent world has focussed the minds of many on the potential risks facing business travellers. Often organisations leave themselves and their employees exposed by failing to put in place a robust safety and security policy around meetings and events.


Now CWT Meetings & Events has partnered with International SOS to offer all its customers a free comprehensive safety and security consultation.


“The most important thing is that customers are well informed about the security arrangements at their chosen destination,” said Paul Stoddart, managing director of CWT Meetings & Events UK, Ireland and Benelux.


“Our groundbreaking partnership with International SOS will help prepare meetings and event organisers by increasing efficiencies and speed to action. It will also reduce the risk their people and organisations are exposed to and help us to empower our clients to be proactive about safety and security.”


Information on the current local situation is crucial during an event. Participants can access specific details about a city or region at any time. Travellers receive an email alert immediately in the event of an incident. They can also be located if there is an acute danger so that appropriate measures can be carried out.


Beyond the meeting room


Safety and security precautions for the event alone are not adequate, particularly when it comes to conferences lasting several days. Travellers want to feel safe and secure during their leisure time between meetings and on private extensions to trips. They need country-specific advice on how and where to travel outside of official events, with suitable protection, and which situations they should avoid.


Organisations and travellers need to be prepared and know what actions to take if a crisis occurs, such as delegates being harmed at a meeting. Any casualties must receive proper care in local hospitals, are moved to suitable clinics or repatriated if appropriate, but business travellers generally have no relatives or friends with them to take care of such matters. Organisations also need to consider what would happen if communications were difficult as a result of language barriers. International SOS is able to provide support with everything on the ground, such as settlement of charges, and its own doctors monitor the state of the travellers’ health.


Specific measures such as those offered by CWT M&E and International SOS, are crucial in the event of an emergency. However, simply knowing the support is available should it be needed contributes to a business traveller’s sense of wellbeing. As such, safety and security policy has also become an important element in employee satisfaction and loyalty.