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RoomIt by CWT aims to improve the user experience


CWT’s new business division dedicated to hotel distribution is taking the strain out of booking for travellers and travel managers alike. RoomIt by CWT simplifies the hotel booking process and puts the most relevant lodging options all in one place.


The move addresses the sometimes conflicting needs of travellers and their managers. Although individuals enjoy the freedom of shopping around for hotels in their personal lives, when it comes to business, too many sources of travel content can create confusion and erode company travel programmes. Hotel leakage averages about 40 per cent and growing, despite travel managers trying to rationalise their hotel programmes.


“We’re making huge efforts to create the best user experience for travellers and travel managers,” said Peggy Studer, CWT VP marketing hotels. “The travel manager needs efficiencies and the business traveller needs the easiest way. In hotel booking, both needs are met by the CWT To Go app: find the right area to stay in, choose a hotel, and book it. Easy, as well as efficient.”


Not only is the process more convenient but the booking automatically aligns with the company’s travel policy.


“Convenience, compliance and value for money is all taken care of,” Studer added.


CWT To GoTM  can also register all your flight and hotel bookings, and track changes to ensure that vital information is always up-to-date. It’s a one-stop shop so there is no need to contact multiple hotel content suppliers. Instead CWT sources the best content for each customer.


“By having all your bookings in one place, the risk of forgetting to change your hotel booking when you modify your flights is lessened,” explained Studer. “We will also be implementing a flight booking service in the same tool in the future.”


The app provides flight alerts, and access to medical and security updates through CWT’s partnership with International SOS. Benefits of booking hotels through one provider include bigger loyalty benefits, increased traveller tracking and consistent content.


Best is yet to come

CWT continues to develop technologies that can offer new opportunities in business travel. The goal is to source hotel content from multiple sources, providing the best coverage and value.


The next step is Hotels 3.0 – a central hub using state-of-art technology to optimise all sources of content, client policy traveller information and preferences, and provide a consumer grade experience.


The intelligent CWT engine will:

  • Show travellers the information that matters most to them, such as free amenities, loyalty points, gym facilities

  • Provide the traveller with personalised, relevant information at the time of booking, including rate inclusions and cancellation times

  • Offer assurance that CWT has done the tailored offers shopping and sourced the best rates and hotels to meet their individual needs

  • Share hotel reviews from trusted sources such as peers and colleagues