Making ‘big data’ bite-sized


CWT Solutions Group brings data to life


An abundance of big data weighs heavily on some. It’s all very well harnessing data from itineraries, flights, accommodation, passport details, hotel loyalty points and air miles – but it’s only of use if you have a tool to make sense of it.


CWT Solutions Group enables customers to capture more value from their travel and expense programmes by making big data bite-sized and meaningful. The consulting arm of CWT, Solutions Group brings data to life through advanced analytics, bespoke reporting and providing key recommendations for travel programmes.


The team of 160 consultants, based on all four continents, pride themselves on having an independent view of customers’ travel and expense programmes, delivering insight and savings in areas that matter most to them. Each customer project is bespoke, addressing their specific needs and requirements, whether in the consultant team setup (in geography or experience), in the reporting or the recommendations delivered.


Two recent projects have been research around Last Room Availability (LRA) rates, which showed sizeable gaps between perceived and actual hotel room cost, and our study on ground transportation. This found that 49 per cent of travellers were unaware of their company’s travel policy on ground transport and that local transportation was often an underestimated expense, representing 7-12 per cent of their total trip costs.


CWT Solutions Group recently launched Trip Estimator, a web-based platform that helps travellers and managers to understand the impact of their behaviour on travel spend. Whether it’s a traveller wanting to know if they are paying the right fare or an approver deciding the best time to travel, it allows users to see the average airfare for any given route.


It also shows which months typically have the lowest fares to that destination, which airline flies there most frequently, estimated hotel rates and more.


“It’s a great tool and we are really proud of it,” said Geraldine Valenti, CWT Solution Group’s director EMEA.