Gadgets: The latest must-haves to enrich your life on the move

Gadgets can make your life so much easier. We’ve chosen a range of convenient, impressive, beautiful and essential gadgets, for when you are on the move or at work.

Xtorm has developed a luxury leather Power Bank Connect 5000 - suitable for use with Apple and Android devices.


The Power Bank has a 5000mAh battery that supplies enough energy to charge a smartphone more than twice. It is less than a centimetre thick, so you can easily slip it into your inside pocket or bag.

Price from € 59 / £55


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A nightcap for night flights

Do you struggle to get to sleep on long flights? Then the Ostrich Pillow is the latest product claiming to help. This unusual-looking ‘nightcap’ makes sure that you can sleep as comfortably as possible anywhere and in any circumstances.


On the front of the Ostrich Pillow there is a breathing hole for your mouth and nose, while your eyes and ears are protected from external stimuli, creating your own comfort zone. And however weird the cap may look, you might be the only one getting off the plane feeling rested.

The Ostrich Pillow is available in various colour combinations and there is even a variant for children.

Price from € 80 /£70

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Inspired by nature

The smartphone cases in the Satellite Series by Carved are clearly inspired by nature. Various types of recycled wood are used to make the luxury cases. A special treatment with resin produces a slick design, creating the robustness that is needed to protect your telephone properly. On the Carved website, you can design your own unique and personal case. 

The Satellite Series cases are available for various iPhone, Samsung and Google smartphone models. Price from € 55  / £47


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Safe wallet

These days, almost everything is encrypted with a code: your smartphone, your Wi-Fi, your tablet and probably also your suitcase.  But your wallet containing your cash and credit cards is ‘freely accessible’…


That’s the reason Ogon Design has brought the aluminium Code Wallet onto the market. The wallet can only be opened with a numeric combination and blocks RFID signals, so your credit cards cannot be scanned by people standing next to you. The wallet has room for 10 cards and various sizes of banknotes, and comes in a range of colours.

Price from € 79. / £70


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Interested in winning a Powerbank, Code Wallet or Carved smartphone case?  We have one of each to give away. Send an email to: by 30 January 2018.