Huddle up!


Delegates deep dive the topics that matter to them most


New at CWT Connect 2017 were group huddles. These informal gatherings took place during lunch and coffee breaks as an alternative to the breakout sessions held at previous events.


Each huddle was led by a specialist and gave delegates a chance to deep dive their choice of topic for a 15-minute brainstorm. Animated conversations buzzed around the room as attendees grabbed a drink, headed to the corner where their preferred huddle was taking place, and then stood or sat on a pouffe to join the fray.


Moderator Mary Nightingale advised attendees: "These sessions will challenge you to think about topics in a different way. You will have time to attend four, so choose wisely."


The topics were: GDPR, expenses, safety and security, the power of mobile, data and virtual reality.


A crowd gathered around CWT's Dan Kelly and Amanda Murphy as they demonstrated new capabilities of our app, CWT To Go. Integrating some of the predictive analytics that Eric Tyree spoke about earlier in the day, CWT To Go now shows when fare rises are expected.


At the safety and security huddle, Nicola Lomas from International SOS encouraged questions from onlookers. Asked about traveller tracking, she explained that this is provided as part of CWT's core offering to let companies know where their employees are. As an additional service, International SOS takes data from CWT and other sources and puts it in a dashboard. In the event of an incident, it sends a message to all its customers who have travellers that might be affected. The organisation can also contact those employees and report back regularly.


Nicola explained that they now work closely with CWT Meetings & Events. "If you are not a customer of International SOS, but you are working with CWT M&E, and your event is international for more than 50 people, you can get a lot of support from us via them – just ask," she said.


Data integration was given a visual spin at the huddle led by CWT Solutions Group where Justin Cooper Global VP- Data Product Management threw his business card, receipts and payment card into a blender to create a "data smoothie".


He said: "Data integration is a non-challenge because the technology is here."


Justin's colleague, Jaclynn Reinhard, attended the conference for the first time. Afterwards she said: "The common theme that I heard a lot, following the topic of data, was 'once we have the data, what do we do with it?'.  This was music to my ears because at Solutions Group we turn data into strategy, strategy into action, and action into results. So it was a great springboard for the majority of my conversations."