What to expect from ground transport in 2018


We can never be sure what a New Year will bring, but one thing we can count on in the UK though, is a hike in train prices! Prices for the average rail ticket is up approximately 3.4%.


When it comes to other forms of ground transport however, it is predicted that prices will be flat due to ‘downward facing pressure’ caused by increased competition. CWTs latest travel price forecast shares that transport apps such as Uber and Lyft have allowed the ground transport industry to remain competitive, with only 0.6% of a rise expected for 2018 overall.


If you are looking to make savings on your corporate travel programme ground transportation is an area which can definitely be manipulated in order to fit any budget, and thanks to its competitive nature, there is lots of wiggle room when it comes to negotiating good deals.


Don’t forget about ground transport

When it comes to organising trips or events, travel managers will primarily focus on airfare and hotel rates, however they can occasionally overlook the costs of ground transportation, leaving it up to the business traveller to get from A to B however they see fit - which isn’t always cost effective.


Make sizeable savings

Believe it or not, a good transportation policy can actually save you between 10% and 30% in all sorts of areas from airport parking to car hire fees, not to mention the benefits of smart travel such as catching the train (usually complete with Wi-Fi for working on-the-go) from an airport instead of a more expensive taxi.


If you find yourself using the same services all the time, favourable rates or even extras can be negotiated such as a free valet when parking at airports, or a more comfortable and high-tech hire car.


Have a leisurely start to the day

You should also make sure that rail tickets are always booked in advance, and in-house to gain extra savings, and don’t forget that tickets are often 50% cheaper after peak times, so try and work your meetings around these times, to you save on rail-fares! When it comes to short-haul travel to European cities, it can be beneficial to take high-speed rail between cities instead of flying to the particular destination for a higher price.


So, there you have it, it pays to be mindful of your transportation options, because there definitely is money to be saved in the long-run!


For more information on how to get the best out of your ground transportation speak to your CWT representative today.