Alcatel-Lucent’s success story

Tracking travel requests using Mission Order


Pioneering telecommunications products company Alcatel-Lucent has become one of the first companies in the UK to use Mission Order, an offline module process that tracks approval for travel requests. The exciting development was part of a drive to strengthen the company’s travel programme, which also saw an increase in adoption of their OBT.


Ringing the changes


The global company was looking to cut costs and bring the UK in line with booking processes already in place across EMEA. It also needed to enforce further policy compliance.


 “Our aim is to have everyone using the same tools and doing the same thing. The UK is one of our biggest spending countries, but it wasn’t compliant with the rest. For offline bookings we were using an old fashioned Microsoft Office template.”

Mike Butcher, Alcatel-Lucent regional travel manager western Europe and Africa


Mission possible


CWT complied with a stronger mandate to enforce online bookings offline. It also assessed the need and implications for moving to the KDS offline module request process. A time and motion study was carried out to assess the impact on productivity and cost and Mission Order was introduced.


Mission Order is a way of requesting a booking through the online tool. It allows travellers to make complicated requests on a template within the OBT and keeps a record.


 “The great advantage is that this process allows the company to use the same approval processes for offline bookings that they would for online.” CWT senior programme manager, Mike Eyles


Pioneering work


Alcatel-Lucent became CWT’s first UK client to adopt this offline request process with KDS and ensured staff received special training for this ground-breaking implementation with its OBT preferred supplier.


As a result of these measures, online adoption for air bookings increased by 17% in 12 months from 2012-13. Online adoption for hotel bookings grew from 51% to 60% over the same period. Alcatel-Lucent saw a 1.7:1 return on investment.


Advice for others


“The improvement in online adoption took us from being one of the worst performing countries in Europe to one of the best. That can’t be bad!


“Remember it’s a tool, it’s there to be used, you don’t have to do everything by the book…make the tool work for you.”  Mike concluded