Biogen Idec’s success story


Implementing online booking with outstanding results


Biogen Idec has succeeded in driving travellers to use of its first online booking tool, going from zero to 82% uptake in 23 months.


CWT assisted implement the new system when global leaders announce that the UK division of the global biotechnology company must adopt online booking.


Willingness to succeed


Karen Carter, Biogen’s senior manager, facilities said: “You have to get people on side and get their commitment to do something because they want to rather than because they have to. That’s why I worked closely with CWT from the outset to ensure that the tool would work in a way that suited our travellers.”


The three keys to the project’s success was thorough preparation before the online system went live were customising, testing and training.


Bespoke tool


CWT recommended Amadeus E Travel as the ideal online booking tool (OBT) for Biogen due to its simplicity and low cost.


Test drive


The customised tool was piloted for several months before going live. User testing with some of the travel bookers provided valuable feedback to customise the tool even further before it was rolled out.


“We marketed the tool as something that would be beneficial and user feedback has been good,” Karen explained.


Helping hand


CWT’s implementation process included training the first batch of users in a classroom-style setting at Biogen’s premises. Then Karen became the trainer for the rest of the travellers.


If there are issues that Karen cannot resolve herself, she simply refers travellers to experts on the CWT Online Helpdesk.


CWT programme manager Rob Coomer said: “Karen has done an amazing job in driving online adoption. 82% would be considered very good in an environment where OBT use is mandatory. For this to happen in an environment where it isn’t mandated makes it an excellent outcome.”


Unexpected benefit


The exceptionally high adoption rate has resulted in a cost savings that weren’t anticipated. Calls and emails to CWT travel consultants have reduced dramatically so travel agency costs have halved as a result.


“It’s great when a client takes ownership of a project like this. Biogen made good use of the outstanding customisation work that CWT can do to hone an OBT, and took full advantage of our training,” said Rob.