Deloitte’s success story

Driving compliance through Hotel Intel


Travellers at Deloitte are making smarter decisions about which hotels to book within the company’s travel programme thanks to a platform that allows them to read reviews written by their colleagues.


The move comes after the UK member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu was looking to:

  • drive compliance to its travel programme
  • give their frequent travellers the ability to share their experiences
  • encourage staff to book hotels with which it had negotiated rates
  • aid future negotiations with suppliers


Best for business travellers


“Deloitte told us that they were looking for something like Tripadvisor but for business travellers. I knew that CWT Hotel Intel would fit the bill perfectly. The crucial difference with Hotel Intel is that it serves the business traveller.” CWT programme manager, Paul Dobson


Through Hotel Intel, travellers can read and post reviews on hotels they have stayed at. This company specific platform allows clients to upload accommodation from their own hotel programme.


Sharing the benefits


CWT implemented Hotel Intel for Deloitte in February this year with around 1,000 hotels. Around the world, Deloitte member firms have different rules relating to booking travel, making a global travel policy a challenge. However, about 20 Deloitte firms in other countries have bought into the CWT Intel concept and shared details of hotels in their programmes, taking the total number of hotels which can be reviewed globally to nearly 3,800.


UK travellers can see an even wider choice of hotels available to them around the world, read reviews written by their Deloitte colleagues, and book rooms making use of their special rates.


The review process is so simple. After staying at a hotel, employees receive an email asking them to rate it from 1-5 and give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to recommending it. There’s also a comment box for any additional feedback they may want to share.


Outstanding reviews


Only five months after implementation in the UK, 971 employees had supplied a total of 1,248 reviews covering 572 different hotels.


“Our people trust the reviews on CWT Hotel Intel because they are written by Deloitte colleagues, so they are more confident about their forthcoming trips. From my point of view, the fact that they are having a better experience encourages them to stay within our travel programme.” Simon Brown, senior manager, travel services, Deloitte


Opinions that count


Simon recognises that today’s travellers will voice their opinions. By making available a review platform that is company specific, their experience can be kept in one place and used to benefit their colleagues, as well as informing the company’s future travel programme.


“Fast feedback given on the contents of CWT Hotel Intel is valuable data and will be used in reviews with suppliers and to assist when negotiating future deals,” said Simon.