IHG’s success story

Increased online adoption brings significant savings


With 4,700 hotels in nearly 100 countries and territories worldwide, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) required an efficient business travel booking process for its employees. After introducing an online booking tool (OBT) as an additional channel for travellers, adoption levels were low. Read on to learn how targeted initiatives improved the booker experience and achieved cost savings by increasing use of the OBT.


A dedicated approach


Dedicated CWT and IHG teams worked in partnership to develop a variety of initiatives to raise awareness of the OBT first of all and then to educate staff of the benefits to encourage them to start using it.


  • An adoption newsletter tracking progress towards targets
  • Walk-in clinics which encouraged bookers to flag issues or to seek help
  • Focus groups and road shows to gather feedback, while increasing internal engagement
  • Proactive efforts by CWT’s offline team to raise awareness of the OBT
  • Demonstration of the value of booking online, highlighting savings missed through booking offline. A global email campaign to target non-compliant staffwith CWT’s messaging tool, CWT Programme Messenger
  • A bespoke database to monitor compliance and online transaction rates in recently implemented locations
  • Detailed reports to identify users making online eligible transactions via offline channels, enabling top bookers to be contacted for feedback and taken through their first online booking


“By identifying bookers who were failing to use the OBT due to feeling dissatisfied, we were able to understand and individually address the issues they were experiencing. This personal approach helped encouraged our bookers to start using the OBT by increasing confidence and familiarisation, which in turn saved them time and achieved savings for the company overall.”  Ceri Speed, IHG.


Changing hearts and minds


Between October 2012 and July 2013, IHG saw satisfaction score for use of OBT increase from 50 per cent to 77 per cent;. In the UK specifically, OBT adoption increased by 29 per cent between November 2012 and August 2013, resulting in savings on average ticket prices (ATP) and transaction fees.