Siemens’ success story

Reducing spend by 25%


Leading global engineering and technology services company, Siemens looked to CWT to reduce their travel and expense (T&E) spend of €65m in the UK by 25%. The ‘TravelOut25’ initiative, devised to drastically reduce spend and build a sustainable travel strategy, began in December 2012 with an aim of achieving the reduction by September 2014.


Reviewing the situation


A Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) client since 1999, Siemens had used quarterly reviews to gain an overview of spend in the UK as a whole.


“With TravelOut25 requiring a more in-depth breakdown of how this spend was accumulated, we began providing reports that enabled Siemens to drill-down to reveal divisional and individual performance against key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify areas of the travel programme that required the most attention” Caroline Oxtoby, CWT Programme Manager for Siemens, UK


Incentivising teams


To further encourage compliance towards TravelOut25, divisional spend was published on Siemens’ intranet. As positive reinforcement, high-performing individuals and divisions could be nominated for a Siemens’ ‘Champions Scheme’, to receive monetary rewards or gift vouchers.


Improved resources for a better outcome


In addition to communicating more broadly about their business travel policy, Andy King and the team at Siemens worked to ensure travel bookers had access to more detailed information about the locations that employees were heading to. This reduced spend on taxis because information on public transport was made available.


Other initiatives set up included:

  • A TravelOut25 group on Siemens’ social network to enable advice and tips to be shared with members
  • CWT supported the production of a business travel tips documenton how to follow a corporate travel policy and help reduce spend for stakeholders.


Managing meetings


The TravelOut25 initiative also aimed to reduce internal meeting costs. ‘Live meeting’ technology was implemented, which not only provided an alternative to face-to-face meetings, but also enhanced the meeting experience through the addition of virtual voting and feedback capabilities.


“In the UK we have a lot of office space, but we’d found many employees booked meetings off-siteNow, where an internal meeting is for less than 10 people, we recommend it is held on-site; not only avoiding room fees, but also cancellation and refreshment costs” Andy King, Siemens


Working ahead of schedule


So far, savings of 11% have been achieved against the 25% target. With just under six months of the project time remaining and much of the groundwork in place, the TravelOut25 team is set to achieve its aims.