CWT Alerts

Safety and security updates to keep your travellers safe


CWT Alerts provide concise information to travel managers about incidents that may affect travel or threaten the safety and security of travellers.


To help streamline the information received, there are four categories of CWT Alerts powered by International SOS and Control Risks:


1.     Travel security special advisories (critical priority) provide urgent incident notifications addressing events that pose a clear, immediate or direct threat to safety or security. Typically occurring with little or no warning, these incidents include earthquakes, terrorist attacks and transportation accidents. Recipients may choose to receive only special advisories.


2.     Travel security updates (warning/informational priority) detail events that have the potential to disrupt travel and/or increase safety and security risks to travellers. Security alerts cover issues including crime, upcoming protests and extreme weather. They also may contain reminders about known risks or provide updates about ongoing situations. If you subscribe to travel security alerts, you also will receive special advisories.


3.     Medical alerts report on events that may affect travellers’ well-being or health. Medical alerts address situations such as infectious disease outbreaks, increased illness resulting from disasters, and deteriorating quality of a country’s medical care.


4.     Daily summary alerts recount each day’s advisories and alerts in a single email, which is sent at midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST).


Information contained in CWT Alerts should be used as a basis for further research and not as a definitive report or recommendation on any destination.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why is my Alerts subscription changing?

A. CWT Alerts emails have been overhauled to provide enhanced, relevant safety and security information for subscribers.


Q. Do I need to do anything if I have already subscribed?

A. Your current subscription preferences have been maintained, and you should experience no interruption or overlap in service. Existing subscribers will have been subscribed to the new alerts based on their existing subscription.

They will have automatically been subscribed to the CWT Daily Summary and Medical Alerts powered by International SOS and Control Risks as these new alerts represent additional benefits.

You can modify your subscription preferences at any time, including Medical Alerts and Daily Summary.


Q. What subscription content is new?

A. Medical Alerts and Daily Summary alerts bring you additional content and format that were not available with your previous subscription. Daily summary alerts can help you reduce the volume of emails you receive daily while still supplying the information you need to stay on top of worldwide developments that may affect the safety and security of your travellers.


Q. How do I change my subscription?

A. To modify your subscription preferences or unsubscribe, go to CWT AnalytIQs (from June 11th) or click the “Click here to modify your subscription or unsubscribe to alerts” link at the bottom of any CWT Alerts email you receive.  


Q. How do travel managers sign up new subscribers?

A. Travel Managers may subscribe their travellers to CWT Alerts via CWT AnalytIQs.

Q. What is the source and sender of information?

A. International SOS and Control Risks are the source of CWT Alerts. They send the emails on CWT’s behalf.
Click here if you would like to learn more about International SOS. 


If you have any other questions not answered by the FAQ above, contact your CWT representative for more information.