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Travel managers/purchasing managers

For more information, please visit Travel Management


Business travelers 

For more information, please visit For Business Travelers


Military or Government Travelers

If you are a US military or government traveler serviced by CWTSatoTravel, please use the contact form on the CWTSatoTravel website.


CWT Corporate Traveler Services 

Select the option that most closely describes your situation:

  • If you have an itinerary with your 1-800 number, use it — this will be fastest.
  • If you do not have an itinerary, call your company travel department or visit your company intranet for travel procedures.
  • If you are en route and require emergency assistance, call 1-866-361-5078.
  • For non-emergency corporate travel inquiries fill out our Inquiry form
CWT help desk

If you need a password reset or are having technical difficulty,  please contact the CWT help desk at 866-299-7374 or email They can further assist you. 


CWT Portal

For questions/issues with CWT Portal, call the help desk at 1-866-299-7374.


For questions regarding CWT To Go mobile App, contact the CWT help desk at 866-299-7374, or email them for further assistance
Or view the FAQ, click here 


Meetings and events 


Military & Government Travel
  • If your travel office is open, call them — this will be fastest
    • To find your travel office telephone number, click here. Type the agency or duty station that issues your travel orders in the Search box.
    • Call 1-866-661-5844
  • If your travel office is closed and you are en route, and need emergency assistance use the telephone numbers below
    • USA: 1-866-576-4635
    • Germany: 0800 826-8960
    • Italy: 800 870813
    • Belgium: 0800 72775
    • Netherlands: 0800 022-4413
    • United Kingdom: 0500 893643
Job seekers/students 


Leisure travelers 
For leisure or vacation travel, click here or call 1-800-783-9200.

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CWT has offices in more than 150 countries worldwide. To find contact details (address, phone or fax number), please use our Office/Phone Locator.

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